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For individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments who aspire to travel, the accessibility of their accommodations can be a game-changer. Hotels that offer the convenience of LiftKar people carriers take a significant step towards making travel a reality for all. By providing these innovative solutions, hotels not only open their doors to a wider range of guests but also demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a memorable and accessible travel experience.

Whether exploring a new city or relaxing at a remote destination, accessible hotels with LiftKar people carriers provide the freedom and independence that travelers with mobility impairments.

Application examples

Daily situations


LiftKar PT

The LiftKar PT line is designed for use on straight and curved stairs, and more confined spaces. Offering simplicity and safety in various situations. With the LiftKar PT, you regain your mobility, whether at home or on the go.

LiftKar PT

LiftKar PTR

Our LiftKar PTR line is designed for the safe transportation of mobility-impaired individuals up and down straight staircases. With easy operation, 3 speeds, incline angle warnings, a long battery life of up to 1,000 steps per charging.

LiftKar PTR