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Handtrucks for universal applications for loads up to 120 kg.

Robust handtruck for maximum ergonomics. The UniKar is the perfect tool, especially when it comes to lifting loads in the tightest of spaces. The wide range of possible applications supports users in a wide variety of industries in optimizing work processes and thus increasing efficiency. The versatile application options guarantee increased efficiency in a wide range of industries.

Optional accessories for a wide range of applications make the device an indispensable helper.

The UniKar can lift loads of up to 120 kg comfortably and safely to a height of 110 cm. Lifting heights of up to 160 cm are possible on request.

easy to operate

highly manoeuvrable

for lifting loads up and down and transporting them
01ergonomical handle
02low-noise winch with security handle
03parking brake
04different lifting heights - max. 1,6 m


2 different types of load support - fork / universal plate

Variants with fork and with universal platform

06main wheels
07front casters

9 unbeatable advantages
to convince you

  1. easy to operate
  2. highly manoeuvrable
  3. tubular construction for maximum strength 
  4. low, only 25 kg (depending on the model)
  5. 200 mm diameter rear wheels enable loads to be transported across uneven floors and small steps
  1. parking brake on both mainwheels
  2. low-noise winch with safety crank handle
  3. galvanised finish suitable for clean environments
  4. 50 mm wide load strap instead of steel cable or chain for maintenance-free, clean operation



Strength for heavy loads and difficult heights.

The sturdy lifting handtruck for ergonomic working - easy to operate and excellent results. Ideal for jobs involving transportation of heavy loads or stacking shelves. Perfect ergonomics that directly increase efficiency and so provide fast "return on investment".

The UniKar lifting unit is equipped with a 50-mm-wide strap instead of a chain or a steel cable. This makes it low-noise, maintenance-free and clean. And you can carry loads of up to 120 kg despite its low weight of only 25 kg. Two models and a range of optional equipment match the UniKar lifting handtrucks to every situation. The standard version of the UniKar lifting handtruck comes with a lifting height of 1100 mm. Additional lifting heights of 1300 mm up to max. 1600 mm are available on request.

The UniKar is available in two models - UniKar with forks and UniKar with universal plate.


The UniKar handtruck
in daily situations

Extras & Accessories

Additional options
matching your needs

Art. no. 100 530


Cargo support

Optionally available

Art. no. 100 529


Folding platform

Optionally available

Technical data

The UniKar handtruck
in figures and facts


Load capacity

Load capacity | Pounds

Weight base unit without battery
Weight base unit without battery | Pounds
Battery weight
Battery weight | Pounds
Autonomy (max.)
Climbing speed (steps / min.)
For use on steep and narrow spiral staircases
Transportation over stairs
Transportation on flat surfaces
Maximum step height

Dimensions (height/width/depth)

Dimensions (height/width/depth) | Inch

universal lifting hand truck for loads up to 120 kg


120 kg



264.5 lbs



ab 25,5 kg



56.2 lbs









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