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Transport and barrier-free accessibility to monuments - DENKMAL Leipzig trade fair 5.-7. Nov 2020
• Transport for renovation and preservation of monuments:  Heavy goods must almost...
With fresh energy ahead - stairclimbers for mobility and ergonomics!
The sales teams are now on the move with a new fleet for demonstrations and customer service on site: The stairclimbers themselves are practical, electrically...
We are more than powered stairclimbers!
We are... ...powered tracked stair walkers...stairclimbing aids...stairclimbing trucks...battery lifters...
#SaveDay for "Safety and Health at Work"
On April 28th we are celebrating the World Day for "Safety and Health at Work"! At SANO,...
SANO at Integra 2020 - new timeline for 2021 coming soon
The integra 2020 was canceled for the planned period from April 22 to 24, 2020. More information about the fair will be announced soon!
Moving Slovenia - future of logistics Oct 17, 2019 - ready for "last mile with LIFTKAR"
looking forward to taking part LIFTKAR stairclimbers for cargo up to 360 kg  over stairs and pathways as ergonomical solutions at "last mile"...


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