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Application areas

People carriers

Our people carriers are carefully designed to offer people with reduced mobility a unique combination of safety and independence to meet the challenges of different environments, including ambulance transport where stairs can be a significant barrier. These cutting-edge solutions provide a safe and efficient way of navigating both indoor and outdoor environments to ensure that people with reduced mobility have easy access to medical care. 

By extending their application to ambulance transport, personal transporters improve patients' mobility and quality of life, providing a vital link between them and the medical care they need. With a strong focus on safety and independence, these innovative devices are revolutionising access to healthcare and freedom of movement for all.

User case

Daily situations

The following areas of application show the different uses of our stair climbing solutions for people with reduced mobility.
  • Rehabilitation centers

    Stairs are often an insurmountable obstacle for patients with walking impairments. Our LiftKar stairclimbers are the perfect solution to relieve the burden on medical staff when transporting patients up and down stairs.

    Rehabilitation centers
  • Hotels

    Unlocking Travel Dreams: Hotels with LiftKar People Carriers make accessible accommodations a reality for travelers with reduced mobility. Join us in promoting inclusion and memorable travel experiences!

  • Private demand

    Elevate your independence and privacy with the LiftKar People Carrier Line. Experience autonomy and rely on loved ones while navigating stairs effortlessly.

    Private demand
  • Orthopedics

    Our LiftKar mobility solutions are an relevant part of improving the quality of life and freedom of people with impaired mobility and therefore represent an efficient extension of your product and solution portfolio.

  • Assisted living

    A new understanding of assisted living - reliability, comfort and relief for caregivers. Increase the well-being and independence of your relatives and make the work of care workers easier.

    Assisted living
  • Ambulance transport

    LiftKar people carries revolutionize healthcare accessibility and mobility for people with reduced mobility, even in ambulances. Discover the seamless blend of safety and independence!

    Ambulance transport