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Welcome to the world of Load Transport, where efficiency and ergonomics unite. With LiftKar by your side, you not only streamline your operations but also save time and resources while prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of your employees. We offer a product that enhances and improves your delivery or working conditions with unwavering quality you can trust.

Our product range extends from simple hand carts capable of effortlessly transporting up to 300 kilograms or seven water bottles, to powerful devices that can safely transport loads of up to 360 kilograms up and down stairs. In all our solutions, the focus is on back protection, aiming to create a work environment that is not only efficient but also motivating, providing your employees with a fulfilling working life.

User case

Daily situations

The SANO stairclimber is a unique innovation that helps people to overcome obstacles such as stairs with ease. With its first-class technology and sophisticated design, the SANO stairclimber is the ultimate solution for ergonomic, safe movement of heavy loads up and down stairs. One of the outstanding features of the SANO stairclimber is its impressive versatility. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and can handle different types of stairs, including straight, curved and steep stairs.
  • Appliances

    Revolutionize your white goods transport with our LiftKar Cargo Line. From washing machines to refrigerators, our stairclimbers handle 110-360 kg loads effortlessly. Protect your team's health and keep your projects on track.

  • Construction Industry

    Simplify your projects with LiftKar Cargo stairclimbers! Transport heavy materials, from bricks to equipment, up to 360 kg effortlessly. Protect your team's health and keep projects on track.

    Construction Industry
  • Beverage Industry

    Enhance your beverage delivery business with our LiftKar Cargo Line. Move anything from barrels to vending machines effortlessly. Our stairclimbers lift 110-360 kg, boosting productivity and employee satisfaction.

    Beverage Industry
  • Event Management

    Make event setup a breeze with the LiftKar Cargo line! Transport chairs, stages, and technical equipment up to 360 kg effortlessly.

    Event Management
  • Breweries

    Elevate your brewery logistics with our powered stairclimbers! Move barrels, sacks, and bottles with ease over many terrains. Perfect for ascending and descending, your back-saving solution. Choose your model and streamline operations safety.

  • Delivery services

    Revolutionise your deliveries with LiftKar SAL! Conquer any staircase and deliver up to 170 kg effortlessly. With up to 2000 steps per charge, reduce labor costs and downtime. Let LiftKar handle the heavy lifting while you focus on what matters.

    Delivery services
  • Furniture trade

    Optimise wood & furniture deliveries with our electric stairclimbers. Save time, labour, and keep your employees healthy. Discover our equipment's performance!

    Furniture trade