Liftkar SAL - powered stairclimber for bottle water

With the LIFTKAR stairclimber one person transports heavy goods with little effort over all types of stairs. Due to the low own weight, LIFTKAR can be taken everywhere on delivery tours over stairs, steps and level ground.

Stairs used to be a major hurdle for transporting heavy goods; sometimes you needed several people to handle objects up and down stairs, which often presented a high risk of back injury. That was before the introduction of LIFTKAR -- the electrical stairclimbers. These transport lifting devices look like sack trolleys. Due to their low own weight, they can be stowed in every car to be available on all sites necessary. Whereas mounted stairlifts or lifts only offer local lifting service, the portable LIFTKAR stairclimbers are taken with the operator from stair to stair.
With the powered stairclimbers by SANO the job is finished sooner and more easily. The risk of accidents is minimised and it takes the strain off your back. It is easy to operate and ideal for a wide range of applications: industry, retail and business as well as in hospitals, commercial kitchens, office blocks and many more.

The different LIFTKAR models are confident on all stairs, even spiral staircases and landings where space is restricted. You can carry loads up to 330 kg with little effort and safely. Typical applications are transport of for example: washing machines, stoves, beverages, copiers, heating vessels and similar heavy cargo. The stairclimbers of SANO ensure high safety for all kinds of material handling.

Another advantage is the quick change battery unit. Car chargers and international adapters ensure the use all day long for all LIFTKAR types.

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