Liftkar PT - electric stairclimber

Basement, ground floor, first floor, garden -- with the LIFTKAR PT, stairclimber for personnel transport, you can get your whole house back.

Everything becomes much easier! For people who need assistance, like handicapped persons or elderly people, SANO offers powered stairclimbers that are easy to use, safe and can be operated with little effort for increased mobility. The LIFTKAR PT is offered in two different types; either with an integrated seat or for use by wheelchair drivers. It allows carrying persons up to 160 kg. A powerful battery pack, mobile charger unit and a quick-change battery pack ensure that the LIFTKAR PT is ready for action at any time. With this you manage both, straight and spiral staircases. Contrary to mounted stairlifts, the LIFTKAR PT stairclimber is quick and easy to dismantle into three sections and re-assemble quickly again. Thus LIFTKAR PT contributes to ambient assisted living , is portable and can be taken with you to any place.

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