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The hand truck

MODULKAR is a hand truck built from high-strength stairclimber components. Basically the LIFTKAR without a motor. Modular design means virtually all components can be changed. As a result the MODULKAR can be optimised for a wide range of transport situations. The maximum load capacity is 300 kg.

  • patented tubular cross-section
  • wheels changed using just one nut
  • extremely strong wheel bracket
  • connecting axle with support struts
  • innovative toe plate mounting to prevent clattering
  • two-piece tyre – mounted on ball bearings
  • grips fitted using stainless steel clamps


The patented tube cross-section with double centre web means bolts can go right through. The groove on the inside provides extra stability. The heavy-duty wheel mountings in combination with the connecting axle being just 8 cm above the ground makes it easy to tilt. Only one spanner is required because the same TORX bolts are used throughout.
A synthetic washer together with a cup spring prevent the toe plate from clattering. Wheel changes are easy with the bolted two-piece tyre. Puncture-proof tyres can be fitted as an alternative. Wheel changes are Formula 1 style using just one bolt! The wheels are mounted on industrial-class ball bearings.


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Pistol grips
025 700

Loop grips
025 704

Pistol grips/Stair gliders
025 702

Water bottle truck
Pistol grips
025 707


Water bottle truck
Loop grips
025 708


Water bottle truck
Pistol grips/Stair gliders
025 706


Water bottle truck
Pistol grips/Stair gliders
with option for 7 bottles
930 138



Toe plates

This product is shipped without toe plate, but with a hinged toe plate mounting.
You can choose which shapes of toe plate best suit your transport requirements.

Extras & Accessories


Technical data

Load capacity 300 kg, assembled, unpacked

Pistol grips blue 025 700
fixed toe plate mounting    
hinged toe plate mounting blue 025 701
weight with standard toe plate: 9.0 kg    



Pistol grips/Stair gliders blue 025 702
stair gliders: aluminium tubes with nylon gliders (gliders can be changed using clip system), fixed toe plate mounting    
Hinged toe plate mounting blue 025 703
weight with standard toe plate: 10.3 kg    



Loop grips blue 025 704
fixed toe plate mounting    
hinged toe plate mounting blue 025 705
weight with standard toe plate: 9,0 kg    




Water bottle truck for 6 bottles with fixed toe plate for 2 bottles or cooler/boxes and 4 foldable trays (5th tray optional)

Pistol grips/Stair gliders blue 025 706
weight: 14.5 kg    
Pistol grips blue 025 707
weight: 13.2 kg    
Loop grips (like 025 704) blue 025 708
weight: 13.2 kg    
Additional rear tray   930 138
for 7th bottle mounted above wheels between stair gliders and frame
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